SAADHVI helps client deal with all the offshore development  challenges:



  • We  help you achieve a rapid, substantial and sustainable progress in enterprise-level application development.
  • We are the Best offshore development company in India in the mid size segment.
  • You will partner with highly skilled offshore resources who are constantly trained and updated with the latest technologies and in par with the market trends.


Outsourcing to SAADHVI

  • Protect your IP.
  • Cut down cost.
  • You can concentrate on core business.
  • Improve business performance.
  • Transformational Outsourcing


Throughout our global IT outsourcing portfolio, we:

  • Infuse thought leadership and innovation.
  • Manage to the highest level of quality for service delivery.
  • Enable you to transform your organization.

Offshore Models we offer


Fix cost based

When project requirement is clearly defined from the beginning and client has a budget to work within, the fixed-cost model is the best choice. This model ensures both budget maintenance and project is delivery on time; intermediary milestones being related to payment schedules. The main advantage of this model is no unanticipated cost escalation.

Resource based

When the project is complex in nature with no definite requirement specified at the beginning; the development engagement should be flexible enough to adapt midstream change requests to design and development. In the resource-based model, the cost is directly related to the total resources deployed and time spent executing the project.

Built-Operate-Maintain (BOM)

We take end-to-end responsibility for setting up your dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) which is built from scratch, then operated and maintained by us as per a mutually designed service level agreement.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

We take end-to-end responsibility for setting up your dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) which is built from scratch, then operated and later transferred to you as per mutually designed service level agreement.

Pure Offshore model

When projects are well defined in the scope document, with clear project goals and deliverables, pure offshore development is an appropriate delivery model. We shoulder complete responsibility for managing the project from start to finish, and can offer post-development support.  Complete visibility at all stages of development is ensured. The client will appreciate benefits in terms of cost, time and quality.

Pure Onsite model

This model involves the deployment of resources at the client’s location. Ideally, when the project requires highly skilled resources, a good grasp of the client’s business domain, and when there are restrictions on the movement of data, we augment the client’s own resources onsite. This can be for short or long duration.

Onsite / Offshore Hybrid model

This model combines the advantages of both onsite and offshore models to ensure optimal cost effectiveness and higher efficiency. The model works either through two different teams working exclusively onsite & offshore or an initial team visiting the client’s site to conduct a requirement study/consultation returning for development of the project offshore.

Why Choose SAADHVI Technology ? 


One-Stop IT Vendor

We empower our esteemed customers at any stage of software development project, from the initial conceptualization to the final deployment & support. Our array of services covers all aspects of software engineering, including software prototyping, security consulting, code auditing, and much more.


Extensive Skill Set

Saadhvi Technology offers full-stack development in all advanced technologies. We have strong domain expertise to satisfy even the most critical & complex project demands. Our mobile & web app development company has the capacity to draw on our vast pool of skilled and dedicated IT resources to scale your project team according to the evolving project demands.


Knowledge Retention And Transfer

Our all accumulated knowledge related to the project is retained inside the team, and it is shared consistently with the new team members and transferred to the customer in its entirety upon project completion. This is valuable for the engagements around different projects.


Multi-Level IP Protection

Our web & mobile app development company in USA provides our customers exclusive ownership of every single line of code that is delivered by us. We have an elaborate security system in place, as well as capacity and resources necessary to protect our clients’ intellectual property in complete.

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