SAADHVI helps clients by providing better-managed healthcare through state-of-the-art automation solutions in areas such as Hospital/Patient Management Systems and Decision Support Systems. Our domain experts are industry specialists from the medical sciences and information technology and provide functional, business and technology capabilities.

The health care industry, particularly in the United States of America is undergoing a radical change in terms of providing health care services electronically in order to eliminate the existing drawbacks and provide health care services to the satisfaction of customers.

Currently the industry is facing problems in providing efficient service to patients due to various reasons, but not limited to:

    • Exchange and flow of non-standard documents and data.
    • Information security issues due to usage of paper.
    • Privacy implementation restricting access to data.
    • Security implementation when data flows across the network.
    • Time delays in processing healthcare transactions.
    • Breach of information effecting individual's privacy.
    • Duplicated claims, lack of transparency, delay in settlements and fraud resulting in high health care costs.

Saadhvi continuously expands its suite of solutions to meet client expectations in today’s environment. Key among our efforts:

    • Improve services through hospital management systems and decision support systems.
    • Deliver on telemedicine solutions with real-time image transfers.
    • Develop portals dedicated to disseminate health related information through public networks (internet) and Virtual Private Networks.
    • Provide privacy and data security through interoperable standards and government regulations.