For the success of every client engagement, we leverage our global delivery model, proprietary frameworks and tools, such as, Strategic Enterprise Information Roadmap framework (STEIR) and Business Process Visualization (BPV) to keep pace with latest technology advances, business and industry trends, and to accelerate delivery.

We use our Global Delivery Model for the success of every engagement. Our onsite teams work directly with our clients to understand and analyze the current-state problems and design specifically tailored conceptual solutions. Our offshore teams work seamlessly with our onsite teams to design and expand the conceptual solution, research for better alternatives, perform detailed analyses, develop prototypes and proof-of-concept. We believe that this approach reduces cost, allows us to explore more strategies in the same amount of time and improves the overall quality of our deliverable.


We are here to aid IT companies in times of economic down turn. With a rich pool of resources across the world, we are able to catalyze dedicated and skilled onsite/offshore resources to our clients. Optionally, the client can select a low cost geographic location to host the resource for an additional lower cost. We ensure high quality IT solutions to our client for a lower cost.

This is suitable for software consulting and development companies or IT departments of large business houses who like to have experienced and skilled resources to be available at their location on a short term basis.


  • Requirement gathering  
  • Structured resource identification and screening
  • Client screening
  • Resource orientation

The client approaches SAADHVI Technology with specific requirements for resources. SAADHVI Technology identifies and screens resources and provides the details to the client for further screening. The client evaluates the resources and engages the selected resources. Resources orientation is conducted to ensure that the resource blends with the client organization and contributes to the needs and goals of the client. The pricing model is dictated by the time period of the engagement along with the country of operation. We take responsibility of supplementing resources in case of exigencies and emergencies of the recruited resources.


This model is perfectly applicable for organizations that need skilled and qualified resources to meet specific needs and objectives. This model can be used if there is a strong need for expediting a project or needs specialized skill sets to complement an in-house team.

This model also supports the differential cost structure of employing resources from India and your country. This foolproof model helps you leverage the strengths of SAADHVI Technology consulting and cuts down the time to market drastically.