Skilldesk is a fully automated online exam application with powerful question management functionality. The most fascinating aspect about skilldesk is the ability of being tailored to fit into the business needs of an Enterprise.

Problems with the existing system

In this scenario,Students take a lot of examinations during their school years and maintain a bulk of certificates in their locker. Their expertise’s are not showcased properly to the world. Moreover, it is a cumbersome process updating their skill sets with facts in their profile. Students fail to track and manage all their skillsets. Institutions (both educational & talent recognizers) provide various valuable certifications to recognize the brilliants but they do not have a proper channel to exhibit the competent in front of corporates.

What SKILLDESK does?

SKILLDESK is a free web tool which connects students (any age), corporate & institutions. This tool helps students to create, maintain and manage skills with the help of Institutions (both educational & talent recognizers) and market these skill sets to corporate.

How SKILLDESK works?

SKILLDESK is a free online portal where students can take n number of tests provided by institutions. Students can also register in to his preferable institutions (i.e. School/College/University etc) and take their tests to get the institutions exclusive benefits. Students can compare his/her results in an interactive drilldown graph to identify his/her strengths & weakness. He/she can select & update their profile for corporate.

Institutions can create & manage questions (which includes video, audio, descriptive & MCQ), tests, administrators and students. Institutions can compare results of students, administrators, tests in an interactive drill down graph. Institutions can showcase & market their candidate’s skill sets to corporate.

There will be free as well as paid accounts for SKILLDESK. Users can enhance their service via paid accounts.