Products and Technologies

SQL Compact 3.5,SQL Server 2008,Windows Services,Web services,Smart Client Software Factory,Infragistic Controls,Microsoft Sync Services for ADO.NET,Remoting

Organization Overview

 The client produces products to meet niche technical needs in product relationship management sphere.


Saadhvi Technology was chosen to find out the best solution to sync the data between the mobile device and the server. The main requirement from the client was to minimize the network traffic and maintain the data integrity even at times of unreliable network connectivity.


Saadhvi Technology picked Microsoft Sync framework, remoting/WCF, web services and windows service to implement the solution. The objective of the development is to provide a robust platform on the top of Microsoft sync framework to transfer data between a mobile application and the central server under realistic unstable network conditions. The UI layer on the mobile communicates through remoting/wcf with the windows service to transfer data to the client CE database. The client application calls synchronization process "On Demand" through the “Remoting objects” which is registered and activated by the Windows service. The windows service is a timed and run on the top of sync frame work. The project is interesting because it was presented in a way that was not technical and we had to convert the non technical presentation to a technical presentation. Its also includes huge amount of research to find the optimum solution to the customer. We have also used webservice on the server side to emit and absorb the data to and for the client. We plan on using certificates to secure a channel between client and server.


The client has been provided with a robust platform on the top of sync framework to reduce the network latency and maintain data integrity under all network stability scenarios.