Products and Technologies

ASP.Net 3.5, ExtJS, SQL Server 2008, LINQ and Silver Light

Organization Overview

Its an In-house project of Saadhvi Technology.


As per the saying of Mr. Narayana Moorthy “The most valuable asset in an organization is only People and nothing else” Having right people in right place will bring difference to the industry. For organization it consumes lot of time for recruitment from understanding requirement to select the preferred candidate. To overcome this scenario, Saadhvi Technology's R&D team has done Research and came out with a solution.


Our years of experiences suggest that assessments for your company cannot be created by a outside vendor. Today's requirements are so unique that in house questions formulation strategy is best to go for, be it recruitment, compliance or skill analysis within your organization. Our product Skill Desk helps by automating the creation and administration of online assessment. Using SkillDesk in areas of compliance, recruitment, education and entrance examination our clients have completely automated there assessment procedure, skill management and have increased their profits.


Helps to maintain and search your human resource profile for now and in the future , Fully automated online examination application with powerful question management functionality, Construct your assessment harnessing the power of delegation functionality to suit your enterprise organization hierarchy, Human resources can build their skills profile that your enterprise business needs, Create assessments and assign to bulk users in one click, All questions and answers are multimedia enabled to create more visually enhancing environment, Admin can completely customize the test as per their Testing Procedure.